Top 5 RPA Tools and Why You Should Know About Them

Robotic Process Automation is Changing the World. Know in this article why you should study these RPA tools.

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Being an IT Engineer it’s very necessary that you should be aware of new technologies, trending tools in the market and their scope in the future. And this is the best time when you should know about “Robotic Process Automation” (RPA) tools which are going to capture the Indian software industries rapidly. In the coming time, trained and certified RPA developers will be in tremendous demand by MNCs which are ready to pay handsome salary packages to have as many RPA developers as possible. (But this does not means, other developers will be in less demand.)

I am working in one of the MNC as an RPA developer and I think other guys who are a beginner in this area should know about these tools and start learning them, so you can decide your career goals.

  • What exactly is RPA? 

   “Robotic Process Automation” is a clerical process automation based on Artificial Intelligence to do repetitive tasks. We all know robots, a machine doing jobs as specified and programmed by the human. Same goes for the RPA, as it’s a robot developed to do the repetitive clerical tasks which are time-consuming and monotonous for humans. Thus in RPA a robot will be developed to achieve a specified targets according to business requirements with no or minimal errors. We can automate the web application, desktop applications and many time-consuming data gathering tasks in very less time.

   Taking a simple example of extracting a data from web source for some particular item: Let’s consider you want to gather data for different types of Shoes and store them in Excel format. You have to create a robot which will load the website from where you want your data, extract some elements like brand name, prize, and images and store it in Excel. In a quick time, you will have your database ready to compare the products and choosing the best one for you. And the best thing is, you can schedule the robot to run for several times a day and inform you when the task is completed.

  • List of most Powerful RPA Tools currently used in Industries: 

There are many RPA tool vendors in the market and every other company in the market is adopting many of them to train their employees on the particular tool. It is not possible to rate or compare among many RPA tools because these tools are used according to business requirements and the targets you want to achieve at the end of the process. It is better to have basic know-how about these tools before using them.

  • Ui Path

    Ui Path - RPA

Ui Path is an RPA technology used to automate business process, providing a software platform and easy UI interface. Ui Path is one of the Leaders among automation tool vendors. Ui path provides a very simple recording action. If you want to automate some tasks, start recording it in UI Path. The steps done by you will be automatically recorded and a robot will be created to do the same task. Ui Path works in three sections:

  1. UiPath Studio: A design studio to make robots by simple workflow diagrams.
  2. UiPath Robots: Robots to complete the specified tasks.
  3. UiPath Orchestrator: Used to deploy and schedule your robots (Acts as monitoring tool).

Ui Path is easy to learn and implement. The community edition is available on the Ui Path website.

For more information go to this link:

  • Blue Prism

    Blue Prism - RPA

Blue prism is considered as the pioneer of robotic process automation, making back office tasks more simple. It is .NET framework which is used to automate the task in design studio by making a simple flowchart. Blue prism has two types of Studio: Process Studio and Object Studio. In process studio, the process is created using simple actions which look similar to flow diagram. Object Studio is provided with some additional features to create business objects.

Blue Prism provides Surface Automation Techniques mainly used for Image Recognition, OCR. Surface Automation is a more detailed study of Blue Prism. Blue Prism certification requires only foundation course to be completed.

Visit Blue Prism Site Here.

  • Kofax Kapow

    Kapow - RPA

Kofax provides many software’s and Kofax Kapow is one of them. It is the automation tool provided with robot design studio, management console, and a unique feature known as Kapplet (which makes it little different when compared with others) with Java framework. The design studio is used to create robots with simple steps which will carry out actions such as loading a web page, extracting data, storing in the database. This robot can be deployed on management console to monitor and schedule.

Another feature of Kapow is, it provides kapplets. This is an application which can be installed on your machine and can be scheduled to run at any time. Kofax Kapow supports remote desktop automation named as Device Automation.

Visit Kofax Site Here.

  • Automation Anywhere (AA)

    Automation Anywhere - RPA

Automation Anywhere is another top automation tool which requires a little bit of programming language but is as easy as any other automation tool. Automation Anywhere provides with direct Record Action as provided in Ui Path.

The Task Editor in AA provides easy point and click actions. You can easily find AA tutorials on YouTube.

Watch Tutorials Here

Visit Automation Anywhere Site Here.

  • Arago HIRO


Arago - Automation - RPA

Arago HIRO is an AI based automation tool. HIRO is a problem-solving AI based on human intelligence as the data is provided by a human to resolve any problem, only then the robot will work. The data provided by humans is called as Knowledge Items (KI) based on problem-solving experience. With these stored KI’s HIRO will find the solution for the problem and resolve it. It has basically MARS model defined as follows:

M: Machine Node

A: Application Node

R: Resources Node

S: Software Node

Compared to other automation tools HIRO is a little complex to start with. To know details about MARS model refer the following link

HIRO Community

  • Where to start?

If you are a beginner and wish to learn Automation Tools then I recommend starting with Ui Path. Ui Path can help you to understand how exactly robots works and designing of robots. As it’s a free trial you can download and practice it without any cost. All the learning material is provided on Ui Path website with video tutorials. As the trial period is limited just don’t learn through videos but practice the tool. You can automate desktop application as simple as Calculator, Excel and any other task you like to do.

You can also try the “Beginners Level Certification” course which is also free of cost. This will help you to build more confidence and interest. Also can prove a good addition to your resume. Visit Certification Site here.

All these tools are more or less same in their functionality. It is hard to decide upon which tool will be best to achieve your business target. I hope, this information will help you to understand the basics of automation tools available in the market. Feel free to ask your doubts.

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