Top Web Development Programming Languages

  • What is Web Development?

Web Development is a broad term and refers to non-design part of the website. Also Web Design and Web Development differ a lot. Web Design focuses on the design, looks and aesthetics of a website, where Web Development focuses on the scripting and coding part and web developer chooses the best programming language according to the needs of the functionality which needs to be added to the website. There are lots of programming languages but their functionalities and the use differ.

  • What are the types of Web Developer?

There are mainly three types of web developers according to the related work and those are:

  1. Front-End Developer (Creates User Interface)
  2. Back-End Developer (Creates Logical Back-End and Core-Computational Logic of Website which the user accesses through Front End Interface of a Website)
  3. Full-Stack Developer (Has Knowledge of all stages involved in a Software Development)
  • What are the parts of Web Development?

There are mainly three parts involved in development of a good website:

  1. Client Side Scripting (Run’s in User’s Web Browser)
  2. Server Side Scripting (Run’s on Web Server and executes functions and logics)
  3. Database Management System (Manages all the database)
  • What are the types of Web Development Programming Languages?

There are many programming languages out there used for the development of web but here we are going to discuss very few in short. As already told the type of language used to develop the webpage depends upon the need of required functionality.

The Basic Web Development Programming Languages are:”

  1. HTML:

    HTML - 5 - Programming

It is the most commonly used web language which you can nearly find in every webpage. HTML stands for “Hyper Text Mark-up Language”. It is meant for establishing the framework of the webpage, and also it is the backbone of all webpages.

(Latest Version: HTML 5.1)

Learn HTML 5 Here.

  1. CSS:

    CSS - 3 - Programming

This basic language is used to add looks and style sheets to the webpages. Due to CSS it was possible for a web developer to reduce the development time and add uniformity in all the web pages by using the same style sheet for all the pages being developed. It stands for “Cascading Style Sheets.”

(Latest Version: CSS3 and CSS4)

Learn CSS3 Here.

This above two basic languages are enough to create Static Webpages which look same to all the visitors who visit your webpage. But today as customers demand more and more nearly most companies try to develop Dynamic Webpages which require more of the complex coding on both server side and client side. Programming languages used for this purpose are mentioned below:

  1. JavaScript:

    JavasScript - Programming

JavaScript is a language mostly used to add dynamic functionality to the webpages. Java and JavaScript are both completely different. JavaScript has ability to run even without internet connection on user’s web browser. It is used to add animations, actions, and to create web based apps and games. Overall in terms of functionality we can say that JavaScript adds interactivity to the webpages being displayed on the user’s view-port of browser. A point to note is that currently JavaScript is the most widely used Front-End or Client Side scripting language.

Learn JavaScript Here.

  1. PHP:

    PHP - Programming

PHP is the most widely used general-purpose-server-side scripting programming language. It stands for “Hypertext Pre-processor.” This language requires interpreter to process its functions, that’s why it’s also known as Interpreted-Script-Language and is the reason being used on the server side for the programming purposes.

Learn PHP Here.

  1. Java:

    Java - Programming

Java is mostly used by websites that deal with large volume of web traffic. Also it is used by popular tech giants such as Google and Amazon.

Learn Java Here.

Above are the languages which are used by most web developers. Any beginner will be required to learn this languages. But there’s more to this, I am providing here the list of other web development languages used in conjunction with above languages.

Most of these are server side programming languages.

  1. Python
  2. Ruby
  3. C
  4. C++
  5. Go (Originally GoLang, developed by Google)
  6. Haskell
  7. Perl
  8. ASP.NET
  9. Scala
  10. Erlang
  11. Hack

Below is the list of languages used to manage database on the server side: (Details not discussed in this article.)

  1. BigTable
  2. MariaDB
  3. MySQL
  4. Cassandra
  5. PostgreSQL
  6. Oracle Database
  7. Microsoft SQL Server
  8. Voldemort
  9. Redis
  10. Vitess
  11. HBase

I have tried to cover most of the languages used for the development of web on the both front and back end. If you think this article needs any correction then please drop an email at Also comment below if you think there could be an addition of more content in this article.

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